Hey hey, what's up! I'm Lunaa the 'MORE'-concept creator.

Word is finally out y'all, I created my own urban dance workshop-concept! In collaboration with Dansschool Danzateljee I will host and teach urban Dancestyles-workshops. And I am glad to invite you guys to join me in those training sessions. Like many of you, I am a dance enthusiast and apprentice. I have been missing the safe space/home feeling, dance use to give me. So I thought why wait for something, if I can create it myself? And thus the creation of M.O.R.E


EXPLORER (open level)

Have you never followed danceclasses? You have followed one or two workshops in your life? You love dancing but you are shy or don't know what cool moves you can show off to your friends? This lever is for you!

The Explorer Level is where you get to know the basics & foundations of the dance style. You get a taste and discover how to groove and move in this genre of style.


Time: 60 min.
Price: € 12,00

Target group: 10+ y / some experience

TRAINEE'S (intermediate level)

You follow dance classes but want to work on cleaning your moves, making combinations & variations and freestyling. This level is for you!

In the Trainee's Level you work on learning choreography at a fast pace, being creative with basics and working on freestyling. You have a good dance foundation and want to expand your possibilities.


Time: 75 min.
Price: € 16,00

Target group: 10+ y / average experience